"The music began at approximately 12 noon when the opening act, Crosscut Delux would take the stage. They got right to the job of warming up the initially intimate audience as other attendees were still making their way from church to the bar. There would soon be a mix of mankind—male and female, young and old, men in hats and gals in flats, seniors and señors and all fans of the blues. The band got moving with their take on Jesse Stoner’s twelve-bar blues bit “Shake, Rattle and Roll”. They also shined with such covers as Muddy Waters' “Walking Through The Park” and Buddy Guy’s “She’s a Superstar”. ”
— Will Phoenix, LA Music Examiner
“I got a great Robin Trower vibe from it, which came from Lightnin’ Hopkins which came from Ledbelly and now from Randy Hano! Cool playing man, feel is the key to blues and you nailed it.”
— Chris Bond, Wholenote

"Watcha' Doin? One of the goals of an original musician is to be more evocative than the next guy so you get remembered somehow. This way you sell. To produce something that is well received, you have to find something unique and what everyone wants at the same time. This amazingly difficult task is what Randy Hano is good at. This is the most evocative song I have heard in a long time. I feel the need to solo over it in my head. Mainstream enough to be a soundtrack. Too bad Mark Mancina get’s all the local $$$ gigs. Make room for Randy Hano."
— Mark Hamilton, Mark Hamilton - Lawyer
“Crosscut Delux took the stage as well with their own fresh renditions of burning blues standards such as John Lee Hooker’s crossover cut “Boom Boom” and Willie Dixon’s “I Love The Life I Live”. Crosscut Delux includes Richard Hassebrock (guitar and vocals), Randy Hano (guitar and vocals), John Arnaldo (bass), Paul Crews (drums) and Bobby Cooper (harmonica).”
— William Phoenix, Examiner.com